Becky Dayberry, University of Arkansas – Fort Smith (AR)

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Major: Business Administration
Graduation Date: May 14, 2016
Not Counted Because: Transferred

I transferred to the University of Arkansas -Fort Smith after a 20-year hiatus from my collegiate studies. I moved to Van Buren from Oklahoma because I have family there, and applied to UAFS right away to get a degree in business administration. I chose that degree because I believed it would offer me greater versatility in career opportunities. I had a new outlook on life and a greater appreciation for higher education than I did when I was in my twenties.

I have been recognized by University of Arkansas – Fort Smith College of Business with two awards. I was recognized as Outstanding Graduate in Business Administration (one student from each major is selected by the faculty). I was also recognized by the Dean of the College of Business, with the Dean’s Award for Service Learning. This award is recognition for my work within the community.

After graduation, I will continue to work for my current employer, Arkansas High Performance Network. I began working with Arkansas HPN through a college internship in the Spring of 2015, and have grown and advanced to positions of greater responsibility within the organization. I plan to pursue a career in business administration within the healthcare industry, with specific interest in behavioral health facilities.

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