Hallie Savage, Mississippi University For Women (MS)

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Major: Speech-Language Pathology
Minor: Public Health
Graduation Date: May 14, 2016
Not Counted Because: Transferred

I transferred from a community college to The W for several reasons. First, I believed attending a university would provide  more educational and social opportunities. The W also offered a variety of majors/minors to explore and choose from.  I also wanted to expand the possibilities of making lasting connections through different organizations. In all, I value diversity and believed that attending a four-year university would yield a positive outcome.

I plan to pursue a master’s degree in speech-language pathology in order to acquire more knowledge and research about the profession, which will aid me in becoming a competent professional. After graduation, I will work with diverse populations in various settings such as clinics, schools, and hospitals. I am confident graduate school will provide me with the hands-on experiences and tools I need in order to become a viable and successful speech-language pathologist.

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