Allie Hardacre, Cloud County Community College (KS)

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Major: Science – Recreation
Graduation Date: May 13, 2016
Not Counted Because: Started Part-Time

I was a single mom with a six-month-old baby. I knew I wanted to go to college, but didn’t know if I could balance being a mom and a full-time student while working. As a part-time night student, I learned the layout of the campus and became acquainted with the instructors and staff. When I became a full-time student in fall 2014, I knew what to expect. I was still nervous but knew what  I wanted and that I had a goal to reach.

After I graduate from CCCC, I will transfer to Kansas State University and enroll in their park management and conservation program. I hope to go on and earn a master’s degree at K-State. My goal is to work in one of the many beautiful national parks within the United States.

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