Luis Perez Flores, Rose State College (OK)

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Major: Enterprise Development/Construction Management
Graduation Date: May 6, 2016
Not Counted Because: Started Part-Time

At the time I started at Rose State College I was classified as an undocumented student.  Due to his status, I was not able to qualify for state or federal aid and had to pay for all college expenses out of pocket.  I had to enroll as a part-time student to minimize cost.  I also took a year off because the cost got to be too much.  I completed a semester at Murray State and then returned to Rose where I will complete my degree.

After graduation, I will transfer to Oklahoma State University in Stillwater.  My employer has approved my request to transfer from their Oklahoma City branch to Stillwater.  I will work part-time and receive tuition assistance.  After OSU, I plan to begin my career in the construction industry and encourage other immigrants to pursue their American dream.

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