Ruben R. Rodriguez, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi (TX)

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Major: Mechanical Engineering
Graduation Date: May 14, 2016
Not Counted Because: Transferred; Started Part-Time

Architectural technology was the only local degree plan that somewhat appealed to me and relied on my good drafting skills. I didn’t have the passion to be an architectural technologist. So my mind wandered and soon I had a desire to start a family. I quickly earned enough money to rent and pay bills and momentarily, life was good. My wife and I both continued to go to night school, but it was very difficult. I stopped going altogether and supported my family the best I could until my wife graduated in the year 2000.

For my first month, I plan on studying and practicing engineering problems to prepare for my Fundamentals of Engineering Exam. I plan on taking a practice exam in mid-June of this year. If I do well on the practice exam, I will proceed to the actual FE within a couple of days . Otherwise, I’ll repeat the aforementioned preparation process.  Then I plan on going back to work for an oil refinery or chemical plant but this time as an engineer and this time as a direct employee of the plant.

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