Patrick C. Letellier, West Virginia University (WV)

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Major: Multidisciplinary Studies
Graduation Date: May 15, 2016
Not Counted Because: Transferred; Started Part-Time

After joining the military out of high school, I got the opportunity to use my military benefits and go to college. It wasn’t long after that I realized that I wasn’t mature enough and prepared to commit myself to the rigors of taking college classes while also working full-time. With the advancement in technology, the development of the internet and the ability to take online classes through West Virginia University, my dream came true.

After graduation, I will continue as a Federal Police/K9 officer with the federal government. My current partner Rammo is a 9.5 year old yellow lab trained in Explosives Detection and he is due to retire June 2016. We graduated from the ATF Canine training program in December of 2007 and I am currently going through school with my new K9 partner Delilah who will also be trained in explosives detection. Rammo and I have served 2 years overseas together and I will continue that with Delilah.