Cynthia Marrufo, University of Texas at El Paso (TX)

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Major: Health Promotion
Minor: Community Health
Graduation Date: December 12, 2016
Not Counted Because: Transferred; Started Part-Time

I moved to El Paso, Texas in 2009 after living in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico my entire life. As a result of completing my high school education in Juarez, it was required of me to enroll in English for speakers of other languages (ESOL) courses at the university. This reason alone was my motivation for taking the GED exam in English. I passed the exam, but had many reserved fears about persisting towards a college education. To be frank, I was afraid to commit to the very busy and often, difficult university life.

I had the pleasure of working in the Department of Criminal Justice as a work-study throughout my undergraduate studies at UTEP. During my time there, a new vacancy opened within the department for an administrative assistant position. I jumped at the opportunity and thankfully was hired in November, 2015–exactly one month before my undergrad commencement ceremony. Soon after, I attended the new employee orientation and learned that one of the many benefits of being full-time staff is that numerous tuition fees are waived.

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