Monique Navarro , University of Texas at El Paso (TX)

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Major: Multidisciplinary Studies
Graduation Date: May 14, 2016
Not Counted Because: Transferred; Started Part-Time

In my experience, life does not always go as planned. As such, my educational journey did not begin and end in the same place. I initially enrolled in college when I was 17, but could not finish due to financial hardships. Shortly after having my children, I knew that it was important that I go back to college and work towards attaining my degree. UTEP welcomed me with open arms and gave me the option to transfer the credit hours which I had already earned and applied them towards my degree.

After graduating from UTEP, Summa Cum Laude, I have found that my options are boundless. In the short-term, I plan on applying to UTEP’s doctoral program in Rhetoric and Composition. Upon completion of the doctoral program, I will likely apply to a University, in hopes of one day becoming a tenured professor. Although I have high aspirations for a career in academia, my dream has always been to practice family law. Yet, with a young family and no option for law school in El Paso, this dream will have be postponed.

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