Anna Johnston, University of Missouri

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Major: Health Science
Minor: Psychology
Graduation Date: May 13, 2018
Not Counted Because: Transferred

I transferred because my previous university was a bit too small for me (it felt more like high school than college), and it was quite a ways from my home in St. Louis.  Also, it did not have a direct pathway or the proper prerequisite classes necessary for me to adequately prepare for my future profession as a physical therapist. I wanted to move to an institution that would not only help me to satisfy my prerequisites for PT school, but also allow me to continue my education all the way up through PT school.

After graduation, I will be beginning my three-year long studies in the University of Missouri’s Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program.

To me, having a college degree means having a better and higher paying future career. It also mean I have a safety net in case my intended career doesn’t work out due to the flexibility of the degree itself. Finally, having a degree gives me a great sense of achievement and reminds me that with time and hard work I can accomplish anything I desire.