David Lewis, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

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Major: Public Affairs
Minor: Africana Studies
Graduation Date: May 12, 2018
Not Counted Because: Transferred

I transferred to IUPUI in order to find the larger class sizes and diversity that I became accustomed to in high school. When I started college, I was seeking two degrees in business administration and political science. I transferred because the program at IUPUI essentially combined these two interests and I felt I could find more opportunities in these fields at a larger campus. After graduation, I plan to attend a graduate program or law school. My goal is to enter public service and eventually become a politician or elected official and focus on educational policies and reforms.

This degree is an addition to the foundation that I have been building upon since I was a young kid. Having cultivated meaningful family relationships, getting involved in the community, and graduating high school, earning a college degree is the next catalyst that will propel me forward.  A bachelor’s degree is another base that has given me the opportunities and experiences to move forward toward my goals.