Nathan Fanton, University of Rochester

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Major: Health, Behavior, & Society
Graduation Date: May 20, 2018
Not Counted Because: Transferred

After completing community college I knew that I wanted to continue my education. Not only was earning a Bachelors degree important for my career goals but also personally. As a U.S. Army Veteran I knew that the labor market is more competitive than ever before and that furthering my education would allow me to accomplish everything that I wanted to do. While exploring my educational options I found that the University of Rochester was the perfect combination of academic rigor and welcoming for Veterans.

After graduation I will working as a Youth Development professional in outdoor education and recreation. I plan on reentering the academic world to pursue graduate education in the near future.

Having a bachelors degree is not only incredibly advantageous in the marketplace it is also personally fulfilling as I have had many role models and mentors who are highly educated. Joining the ranks of those who have worked so hard and have verifiable credentials that show their hard work is extremely personally satisfying to see that I could accomplish this difficult task as well.