Isaih Dale, San Francisco State University

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Major: English Literature
Graduation Date: May 24, 2018
Not Counted Because: Transferred

I started my college career at a small community college in central California. After earning my AA in physical therapy, I wanted to pursue a BA in English literature, so I transferred to San Francisco State University to obtain this degree. After I graduate, I will be going to graduate school at the University of Wyoming for my masters degree in English literature. Then, after I graduate there, I plan on continuing my studies for a Ph.D. in literature with the hopes of becoming a professor.

I will be the first in my nuclear family to earn a BA degree. So, earning this degree obviously means a lot to me. But, more importantly, as an African American male, earning a BA degree shows my other African Americans that it is possible for them to also earn a degree. I hope to continue to provide motivation, and or, to continue to be a role model to my people.